Work / Zile și Nopți Oradea


We’ve all visited cities or places that amazed us here in Romania or outside. But there is one city that brings us joy and emotion every day! It’s what we call “home”. It’s Oradea! The architectural diversity, the cosmopolitan busy streets or the residential neighborhoods silence, the rich inherence of the historic events, the fast paced economic development, but also the cultural and social life effervescence, are things that characterize Oradea. The most important component of the city are of course, its inhabitants! The beauty of Oradea city has always been presented in various ways, but we tried to capture it in its natural and common shape, seen through the eyes of a local.

This short clip is our gift to all Oradea’s citizens and also a call to action to tourists from all over the world, to visit us!

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